Sunday, June 18, 2017

Scripture Sunday 1 Nephi 15:8

This passage is brief, but it raises a good point and something that has been on my mind lately. So often in life when we are confronted with a problem or an issue we look to others to help solve it for us. That's a good thing of course-seeking out others with experience and wisdom before you make your mind up is usually helpful.

However, I do wonder if we have  "inquired of the Lord" before, after, or anytime while we seek resolutions to our issues. Like all religious people, I also wish that the answers we got from God are much more clear and direct. Sometimes when we don't hear God answer our questions we also are less likely to ask Him again. To me, one of the most frustrating aspects of praying and asking God questions are idiots who say things like "Well, you just weren't ready to listen." or, "Perhaps your faith wasn't strong enough." How insulting!

It's so important to remember that God listens and responds whenever He can, and that the words of other humans don't really matter. Sure, it's important to listen to others and seek out their advice and wisdom-but in the end, the most important line of communication is between you and God.


  1. There is a saying that I like, it states: when we want to speak to God, we pray. And when we want Him to speak to us, we search the scriptures. I have found in my life that God is always answering prayers, but many times, (at least for me) I wasn't paying attention. I have heard answers through music, while reading the scriptures, through a talk in Sacrament, through a comment someone says in sunday school, though a comment from one of my kids in Family Home evening, etc. What I have learned is the key is for me to be in all those places (and be paying attention) so I give God the best chance to answer me!

    1. The reality is that God can speak to you no matter where you are.