Monday, June 19, 2017

Big Brother is back!

My favorite guilty pleasures are some reality tv shows (well, that and the band Kiss). Big Brother, the CBS summer show is coming back so along with Ink Master that already started I'm in my nice little TV phase. 

I'm not sure that I'd ever partake in a reality show, in particular one where you have absolutely no privacy. That's hard on the contestants and it's hard on their friends and families. While it's true, with Facebook, Twitter and social media we have less privacy than we did ten years ago very, very few of us would want a camera following us around that chronicles our mistakes, flaws, errors and more-us sitting on our ass doing nothing but vegging out in front of the TV. 

We (myself included) love to preach and judge contestants on Big Brother if they behave in ways we don't agree with. Unfortunately very few of us understand that if we were put in a high stress situation competing against others for 500,000$-I am one hundred percent guaranteeing you that no matter who you are-you'd say or do things that you wouldn't want your mother or father to see either. 

The other interesting thing about the show is how people play. It's a competition based on alliances of course but eventually there can be only one winner. If someone seems a little underhanded or is backstabbing someone-that's how the game works. Very rarely can you tell a person to your face "Okay, we're going to vote you out now." It doesn't really work that way. Who they are in the game might be a different person than who they are in real life. 

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