Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hurricane Irma II

Another hurricane post, and this one happened in my home state. Florida got brutalized by a hurricane over the weekend-I'm sure you heard about it. We live in the greatest state in the union, and it's a massive kick to the stomach to see what happened to it. When I moved down here I knew that hurricanes would be something I have to deal with, and that's fine-moving to Florida (year round, I am not a snowbird) and complaining about the hurricanes is like winning the lottery and complaining about the taxes. I'll cry all the way to Disney World and to the beach-and I should be punched in the face if I complain. 

My state will clean up and we will get back to normal. Luckily my county (a small, rural county north of Tampa) dodged a "major bullet" according to the sheriff. I'm in prayer for the victims of the hurricane-and obviously I don't speak for the state (hell, I don't even speak for all the people in my household!) but it's wonderful to see how the other states opened up their doors to the Irma refugees. You often see people complain about how bad everyone else is, but this hurricane proved quite the opposite to me. Evil exists- but there is an extraordinary amount of kindness and beauty in the world.

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