Saturday, August 12, 2017

Reality TV shows being "fake"

This is going to shock you. You might be appalled. You might have your faith in humanity shaken to it's core. Are you ready?

Reality TV is often heavily produced and scripted. It's based in reality but it's not actual reality.  And-99% of people who enjoy these shows know this.

Ya think?

If this is news to you, I have other interesting things to tell you about carnival games, land in Florida, and emails you get offering cash from Nigeria. Yes, reality tv shows are "fake". So are the movies and television shows you watch. Tom Cruise? That guy from the Mission Impossible series? I heard he isn't really an international spy. And those doctors on Grey's Anatomy? I heard they weren't real doctors either! Oh, the humanity!

A major pet peeve of mine is when people tell me that wrestling is "fake". These people are usually too dense to understand the difference between "scripted" and "fake" and they want to show their disdain for you dirty people who dare to like such a uncouth thing like wrestling. It's the same with reality TV. If you are surprised that the Man vs Wild star stays in a 5 star hotel sipping champagne during his excursions to the wild, then shame on you for being that naive. If you think you are telling us revelations unknown to man by saying that the Man vs Wild star stays in a 5 star hotel while sipping champagne-then shame on you for being that naive too.

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  1. The point of make believe in television and movies is to create something that could be believable so that people can accept it as a 'reality' It is sad that the line believe make believe and reality has become so blurred that people are having a harder time seeing the difference. It also says alot about the state of our nation where people believe that so much of what they see and accept it as real..